Standard-Setting Stunners Who Slayyyed Hampton’s Homecoming

Standard-Setting Stunners Who Slayyyed Hampton’s Homecoming

Slayyys by the sea!

Hampton University Homecoming hotties

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The illustrious Hampton University is known for its Black Ivy league pedigree, gorgeous campus (where some of A Different was filmed), and standard-setting stunners who slayyyed at their Homecoming by the Sea in Hampton, Virginia.

Founded in 1868 as Hampton Agricultural and Industrial School, the Standard of Excellence is a “dynamic, progressive institution of higher education, providing a broad range of technical, liberal arts, and graduate degree programs,” according to its site.

Placing its students at the center of its planning, the University provides a holistic educational environment where learning is facilitated by a range of educational offerings, rigorous curriculum, professional experiences, multiple leadership opportunities, and an emphasis on the development of character which values integrity, respect, decency, dignity, and responsibility.

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Notable alumni include Booker T. Washington, Emmy-winning comedian Wanda Sykes, NBA Champion Rick Mahorn, The Breakfast Club co-host DJ Envy, actress Javicia Leslie, RHOP star Gizelle Bryant, and radio personality Kendra G(illiams).

“I'm from Connecticut and I was adamant that I wanted to go to a Black college because I didn't feel like I grew up surrounded by the images of the Black excellence that we got from The Cosby Show,” said Gilliams in an interview with BOSSIP.

And so when I went to Hampton it was like this world where I was like, ‘Wow, these black people exist?!' Not only are they beautiful, but they're also educated, they dress well, they speak well. And I was just so excited, I'm still very happy that I chose a black college over any other college because it really changed my whole life.

It impacted me to just surround myself with Black excellence knowing that we could be the creators but we're also the . A lot of times you just see Black people making something already created better, whereas I feel as though since we already know we can make it better, that means we can also create it. I would choose Black over everything, any of the week.”

Have you experienced Hampton's Homecoming? If so, how was it? If not, WHY? Tell us down below and enjoy a of standard-setting stunners who Hampton's Homecoming on the flip.

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