Daddy Freeze issues warning to VeryDarkMan

Daddy Freeze issues warning to VeryDarkMan
  • Daddy Freeze during his recent podcast, warned verydarkman on the path he has chosen, of constantly calling celebrities out
  • He reminded verydarkman of how he used to thread such path until he was heavily sued

Controversial Nigerian broadcaster and social commentator, Daddy Freeze, has recently issued a serious warning to renowned social media critic, VeryDarkMan.

During his recent podcast, Daddy Freeze stressed that if VeryDarkMan were to face legal consequences with three successful lawsuits filed against him, his credibility and standing in the public eye would inevitably plummet.

Daddy Freeze related how, in the past, he followed a similar course until meeting his Waterloo—he was sued and ultimately lost the case in court.

Without mentioning his name, Daddy Freeze admonished VeryDarkMan, calling into question his ability to be taken seriously if he continued to engage in online debates that aren’t called for.

Nevertheless, he made it clear that his intention is not to drag VeryDarkMan or criticize his actions, but rather to simply watch out for him.

He said:

“I just need him to understand the terrain is getting into and I’ve done this same thing he did. I have been sued before; so you’ve got to be very careful when criticizing people.

“That’s why I was warning him and he thought I was trolling him. Brother, don’t set yourself up. You have a fanbase of people who believe that you are factual. By the time three people arrest you, sue you, win you, and make you apologise, nobody will take you seriously again.”

In another story, Daddy Freeze faults pastors over BBNaija All-stars winner, Ilebaye’s N12m tithe

The media personality is known for his vocal criticism of pastors who exploit their members.

In his latest comment on the trending issue, Daddy Freeze pointed out that such a tithe is outrageous and exploitative.

The reality star, however, later stated in an interview that her statements were misunderstood. She stated that she would still give tithing to the church, but not in the amount of N12 million.

In response, Daddy Freeze pointed out the hypocrisy of religious leaders who were constantly quick to denounce the reality show and vociferous in their criticism, but who remained silent in response to Ilebaye’s pledge to pay tithing.

He said that many of them worship money instead of God.

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