My vision is to create a festival for African culture

My vision is to create a festival for African culture
  • This project, according to Davido,aims to be a captivating platform where the world can immerse themselves in the melodies and artistry that Africa has to offer, all under one roof. 
  • He also sees the A.W.A.Y festival as a platform to showcase African culture globally.

Davido, a Popular Nigerian Afrobeat singer is setting out to bring a revolutionizing vision to life.

With a passion to showcase the vibrancy and richness of African culture, Davido envisions creating an awe-inspiring festival that will not only celebrate the continent’s diverse traditions but also unite individuals from all walks of life in a grand cultural extravaganza.

Davido discussed his vision for the Are We African Yet? (A.W.A.Y) festival in an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music.The afrobeat singer claims that his goal is to organize a long-running festival that will promote African culture around the globe.

According to Davido, he wants to provide a stage for African musicians to perform and interact with fans around the world. Additionally, he views the A.W.A.Y festival as a vehicle to control the narrative and promote African culture throughout the world.

So years ago it was the other way around where it’s like the same way we have people coming to Africa, which we love, investing, bringing their own culture over there. Having festivals, in the same way, we should do the same over here. And that’s why I’m having this festival that’s going to be coming every year-

I want to give [different artists] the opportunity to come every year, different times to come and perform. Because they have fans here and they don’t know. Because internet, all you have to do is just drop a song out on TikTok and it’s gone. Somebody a billion miles away, it could be their best song and you wouldn’t even know.

I feel like we have to own our culture too. We can’t wait for somebody to bring the idea and be like, “Yo, Afrobeats is growing.” Let’s go register for African Coachella or something like that. I’m like, “No, we got to do this ourselves because this is ours. So we got to own it.” Down the line if somebody wants to partner…

But the vision I have, I’m talking 10 years, 20 years down the line. The vision I have is to create it to be something that is for the culture, not particularly mine. I might be behind it, producing it, All of that. But it’s something I’m doing for the culture, which Atlanta definitely is going to have the first couple, but we’ve spoken about definitely moving it around because we are everywhere. So definitely I can see maybe LA. I can see Toronto, definitely. So we’re definitely going to move it around.” he said.

Davido received three nominations for the 2024 Grammy Awards, indicating that his great 2023 was recognized. The first A.W.A.Y festival will be held at Atlanta, Georgia’s State Farm Arena on November 18, 2023.

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