Cynthia Morgan Recounts How Her ex-lover bewitched her

Cynthia Morgan Recounts How Her ex-lover bewitched her
  • Cynthia narrated her experience, on how her ex-boyfriend fought with her in her sleep
  • According to Cynthia, she cursed him for wasting her time and for preventing her from getting married all these years

Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan recently shared her harrowing experience, recounting how her former lover had allegedly bewitched her to prevent her from marrying someone else.

Opening up about the tumultuous relationship that obstructed her path to happiness, Cynthia Morgan acknowledged that her ex-lover’s manipulative tactics had left her scarred emotionally.

The singer described the encounter as the most terrifying she had ever faced in her life.

With an air of vulnerability, the artist  recounted her journey of overcoming the dark forces that once held her captive.

She narrated her experience, including how her ex-boyfriend slapped her, wrestled with her as she slept, and used dark magic to keep her from getting married.

She claims he physically and spiritually irritated her and avoided her on a systemic level, so she doesn’t talk about it.

Taking to her Instagram page, she wrote:

The witchcraft in Edo state also needs to be talked about. Ezelekhae ensure you think I have forgotten all you did? From slapping, and fighting me in my sleep to bewitching me for years so I don’t marry another person. You frustrated me physically and spiritually and systematically avoided me so we don’t talk about it. I didn’t want to discuss it because I didn’t expect you to go that low contrary to the conversations we’ve had on idolatry. It’s because obvious you were just pretending so you can lure me in.

“You will not go free for wasting my time trying to figure out where I went wrong with you to deserve bewitchment. You def no go marry, and if you marry you no go get peace. You’re evil and I will tell you.

“I can’t believe I am finally talking about this. Thank you Jesus. As this has been the most daunting experience I have ever had to deal with all my life. I too couldn’t believe my eyes. I have tried to reach out to this person in private numerously. All he wanted was for me to run mad so they can lay me on his feet. As per you can’t reject the crown prince of Benin kingdom. a wicked prince that wanted me to walk into a situation I didn’t understand sheepishly.”

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