I Have An Idea Entertainment: Pioneering African film ‘What No One Knows’

I Have An Idea Entertainment: Pioneering African film ‘What No One Knows’

This momentous event not only highlighted the power of storytelling but also positioned the founders, Mr Leke and Mrs Tope Laguda, as new and notable voices in the global film industry.

I Have An Idea Entertainment is not just a production company; it’s a creative force that dares to explore uncharted territories, challenging the norms of storytelling and filmmaking. Their mission to captivate audiences, spark conversations, and make a lasting impact on viewers worldwide manifested at this screening. What No One Knows is a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of cinematic artistry.

To reach a broader audience and build intrigue around both the movie and the I Have An Idea Entertainment brand, a screening was held. This event offered a unique opportunity for individuals to engage with the founders, and get insight into their creativity, and the driving force behind this dynamic production house.

With film enthusiasts from all over Lagos spilling into the hall to see What No One Knows, smiles could be seen on the faces of the cast and crew. The screening was spectacular as the audience was fully immersed from the start till the end of the film, soaking in each moment. During the screening, 3 resounding applauses erupted from the audience, and at the end of the spectacular film, there was a standing ovation from the crowd.

The screening was a memorable one which was graced with notable representatives from the Entertainment industry including; Mr Chris Ubosi, Mr Damilola Ogunsi, Omotunde Adebowale David (Lolo), Bethel Njoku (Senator), Mofe Duncan, Alariwo, Dr Kunle Hamilton and Mautin Olorunleke amongst others.

”I am so grateful the world could see What No One Knows! A film so close to my heart. It does take a village. This film is a testament to the cast and crew’s grit and determination. The long nights on set were truly worth it.’’ said Ms Tope Laguda during her closing remarks at the screening. It was a spectacular film which showed the hard work and dedication of the producers.

The founders, Mr Leke and Mrs Tope Laguda took their stand as trailblazers in the world of filmmaking. With a keen eye for compelling narratives and a passion for driving change through the lens, they have emerged as key influencers in the African film space. Their dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence have set the stage for I Have An Idea Entertainment’s meteoric rise.

I Have An Idea Entertainment is more than just a company name; it’s a declaration of innovation, artistry, and purpose. Celebrating with the team at AFRIFF as we unveiled “What No One Knows” and embarked on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and storytelling excellence.

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I Have An Idea Entertainment is a dynamic production company dedicated to creating films that challenge the status quo, inspire change, and captivate audiences. Led by the visionary founders, Mr & Mrs Laguda, the company is making waves in the African film industry and beyond. Their commitment to powerful storytelling and cinematic excellence sets them apart in the world of entertainment.

What No One Knows is the latest cinematic masterpiece from I Have An Idea Entertainment. This thought-provoking and emotionally charged film delves into uncharted territories, revealing hidden truths and sparking conversations that will leave a lasting impact on audiences.

The African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) is a prestigious event that celebrates and promotes African cinema. It provides a platform for filmmakers, artists, and enthusiasts to come together and showcase the rich diversity of African storytelling through film.

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