It’s giving Gen Z mummy GO – Ilebaye knocked despite taking fans advice by dressing in ‘decent’ outfit[VIDEO]

It’s giving Gen Z mummy GO – Ilebaye knocked despite taking fans advice by dressing in ‘decent’ outfit[VIDEO]
  • Ilebaye has come under fire despite trying to satisfy her fans who advised her to dress decently and do away with her scanty attires.
  • At an event hours ago, Ilebaye was spotted in a long baggy pink jacket and pink shorts.
  • This didn’t make her fans happy because they still made fun of her for looking ‘too decent’.

Winner of the recently concluded Big Brother Naija All-Stars show, Ilebaye Odiniya has once again caught the attention of the public with her fashion choice.

After facing criticism over her previous scantily clad outfits, she made a striking appearance over the weekend in a loose-fitting pink ensemble while supporting fellow Big Brother Naija star, Kim Oprah, and her latest project.

Known for her daring and bold fashion sense, Ilebaye’s recent outfit choice, which covered her more modestly, still managed to spark conversations among fans and fashion enthusiasts.

The loose-fitting attire deviated from her usual revealing style, gaining attention for its unique and refreshing style.

While Ilebaye’s previous outfits had garnered criticism for baring her breasts with only her nipples covered, this new look showcased her different style and ability to make a fashion statement while maintaining a different level of modesty.

The Big Brother Naija star’s fashion choices however had some of her fans still complaining about how the outfit looked on her.

Despite her more covered-up appearance which many have been clamoring for, it’s shocking that Ilebaye was still criticized for ‘covering up too much’.

See video and some reactions below:

Recall popular Nigerian singer, Davido recently hosted an extravagant Martell party to celebrate his flourishing brand and the event was attended by top celebrities as well as BBNaija’s finest.

Big Brother Naija All Stars winner, Ilebaye, aka Gen Z baddie also attended the event in quite the outfit. Ilebaye’s revealing and eye-catching outfit somewhat took center stage because it left little to the imagination.

She adorned a daring two-piece ensemble, consisting of a short blazer and a high-waisted miniskirt. The top exposed a significant amount of skin when she was seen vibing to the music playing in the background.

Ilebaye’s short jacket blazer was provocatively left unbuttoned, revealing a significant amount of décolletage because nothing was worn underneath  only a black book tape was used to cover her nipples.

In various videos and snapshots captured from the event, Ilebaye’s outfit prompted more than a few gasps of astonishment.

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