Yoruba Actress Wunmi Ajiboye speaks on alleged affair with MC Oluomo and marital crisis with Segun Ogungbe

Yoruba Actress Wunmi Ajiboye speaks on alleged affair with MC Oluomo and marital crisis with Segun Ogungbe
  • After the grand funeral for her departed mother, a star-studded burial bash boasting A-list celebs and notable dignitaries, featuring the likes of MC Oluomo and her estranged spouse, Segun Ogungbe, whispers started fluttering about a potential romantic entanglement brewing between Omowunmi and MC Oluomo.
  • In a bold move to clear the air and cut through the grapevine gossip, Omowunmi Ajiboye took to her Instagram throne, delivering a post on her certified account vehemently disavowing any romantic dalliance with MC Oluomo.

Popular Yoruba actress Wunmi Ajiboye didn’t mince words on Instagram, setting the critics straight after catching some heat for her recent shoutout to hubby Segun Ogungbe and big-hearted philanthropist MC Oluomo.

Last week, in the regal setting of Osogbo, Osun state, Wunmi Ajiboye bid farewell to her mother in grand funeral, drawing in heavyweights like Faithia Williams, Madam Saje, Kemi Korede, Zainab Bakare, Dayo Amusa, Kwam1, and the elusive MC Oluomo.

Appreciating her hubby, after the burial, she referred to him as “Popsy Awon Oba” in a formal tone. Interestingly, Wunmi expressed gratitude towards MC Oluomo before her husband, showering him with powerful prayers and a detailed caption.

Gossip hotspot, Gistlover alleged that MC Oluomo caused their breakup by providing a fully furnished house for Wunmi, prompting her to leave. The blog asserted that Segun has returned to his first wife, Atinuke. Supposedly, this is why Segun Ogungbe was emotionally distant at his mother-in-law’s burial, with MC Oluomo taking the spotlight.

After Gistlover’s report, many criticized the Yoruba star for supposedly leaving her husband for MC Oluomo.

In an extensive Instagram post addressing the backlash, Wunmi explained that her appreciation for MC Oluomo stemmed from their longstanding association and his support for her charity, Connecting Grassroots Initiatives (CGI).

She strongly denied any romantic involvement with MC Oluomo and emphasized her commitment to hard work, tenacity, and personal truth.

Wunmi Ajiboye addressed the seven-year effort invested in her mother’s burial, acknowledging MC Oluomo’s financial support for her philanthropy.

Frustrated by false rumors, she clarified that expressing gratitude did not diminish her commitment to her husband, Segun Ogungbe. Disputing Gistlover’s claims of MC Oluomo’s role in her separation, Wunmi asserted her refusal to be silenced and emphasized her resilience against untrue news and rumors.

The actress alluded to the complexities in her relationship with Segun Ogungbe, respecting his choice to stay silent about their current relationship status.

She claimed to have observed Segun Ogungbe receiving unwarranted sympathy by the public. Despite the temptation to speak out, Wunmi said she decided to stay silent for the sake of their beautiful kids until a more suitable time arises.

Her words;

As for the adorable father of my children who has refused to say a word about our relationship status and i decided to respect his opinion but when i see the undeserved empathy he gets in a mutual agreement,i feel tempted to talk but still for the sake of the beautiful kids,i would keep mute until he finds an appropriate time to do otherwise.”


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