Pere sends warning note to colleagues and BBN fans

Pere sends warning note to colleagues and BBN fans
  • Pere shared his concern in a series of tweets about how fans’ actions  may sometimes create more harm than good.
  • Pere highlighted how crucial it is for fans to quit carrying out narratives about their favourites.
  • Pere advised his colleagues to be more self-aware in a direct approach.

Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Pere Egbi, has taken to social media to send a stern warning to both his fellow contestants and fans of the popular reality show.

In a recent post, the reality star urged everyone to not allow the incessant nonsense on social media to control their lives.

Pere emphasized that it is crucial for fans to refrain from spreading false stories about their favorites, pointing out that these tales are often destructive and founded in ignorance.

With the advent of various platforms, the influence of social media has undeniably grown, often leading to toxic behavior and the spreading of unnecessary drama.

Pere underscored the need of fans comprehending the limits of their engagement in reality stars’ life.

In a straightforward post, Pere Egbi counseled his fellow Big Brother Niger stars to be less credulous and more self-aware.

He emphasized the importance of reality stars not allowing their fans’ perceptions to dictate their actions or relationships in real life.

In addition, Pere Egbi sent a strong message to his colleagues with his remarks. He challenged them to not let “social media crap” control them and to have the strength to stick to their principles.

Alluding to a more thorough engagement in these issues, he cautioned that he was only getting started and that he was prepared to address some of them more explicitly.

Targeting “shippers,” in particular, pere acknowledged that although admiration may drive their actions, there is a fine line that should not be crossed.

The reality star cautioned against illusion and suggested that individuals maintain their support based on reality.

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