Police permitted us to carry Mohbad’s body for funeral, but his father won’t let us rebury him

Police permitted us to carry Mohbad’s body for funeral, but his father won’t let us rebury him
  • In a recent , Mohbad's mother urgently sought help from Nigerians, expressing her anguish as she revealed that the late singer's father is unwilling to their son.
  • The situation unfolded after their son's body was exhumed for an autopsy months ago and has remained in police custody since then.
  • Her plea came few days after Mohbad's father issued a directive, stating that no one should move his son's body without his explicit permission.

In a recent video, Mrs. Olumiyi, Mohbad's mother, tearfully revealed that their late son's father is reluctant to proceed with the reburial arrangements.

Mohbad's mother fervently appealed for help from Nigerians, revealing that even after the police conducted an autopsy and cleared the way for burial, but the father persisted in keeping the body with them.

Pouring out her grief, the distressed woman recounted her fervent plea for him to permit the boy's final rest, only to be met with refusal. She shared that during her visit to the commissioner of police last week, he reproached her, questioning why they hadn't retrieved Mohbad's body, emphasizing its presence in the morgue.

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Seeking , Mohbad's mother implored Nigerians and her son's colleagues to advocate on her behalf and persuade Mohbad's father. She revealed that the police had granted permission to claim the body since the second day of the autopsy, accusing her estranged husband of tarnishing her name in the media.

Despite acknowledging opportunistic exploitation of Mohbad's case for financial gain on social media, the late singer's mother expressed her trust in leaving such matters to God.

She added that her son had endured relentless beatings and bullying leading to his untimely , yet his father remains unwilling to allow him the peace of rest.

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This is coming few days after Mohbad's dad Joseph Aloba expressed his displeasure with the idea of his son being reburied now. 

According to him, Mohbad is still his son even in death and anything that would be done to his body should be with his authorisation.

Not stopping there, Mr Aloba noted that they have all been fighting for justice for Mohbad and reburying him would defeat the purpose because the matter would only die down.




Nigerians Please help me. Immediately the police conducted an autopsy on Mohbad's body, they have released the body for burial but the father insisted that the body should still remain with them. I begged him passionately to let us lay the boy to rest but he refused. Last week I went to the commissioner of police and he scolded me that why have we not gone to take Mohbad's body that he is just lying there in the morgue. Mothers please for me. It is Mohbad's dad that has refused to let my son be buried. The police have said we should come and take the body since the second day of the autopsy. Everything the dad is saying to the media, God will judge him. Some people are using Mohbad's case to make money on the social media already. I leave them to God. My son was beat*n and bull*ed up to the point of de*th, now the father still doesn't want him to rest. PLEASE HELP ME

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