Phyno asserts his dominance in ‘Do I’

Phyno asserts his dominance in ‘Do I’


Nigerian rap veteran Phyno has made waves in the music industry with the release of his audacious new single, “Do I.” This track not only highlights Phyno’s unapologetic style but also solidifies his position as a dominant force in the industry.

The song’s catchy hook, which boldly asks, “Do I look like I give an F?,” exudes a sense of confidence and defiance that is impossible to ignore. It’s a statement that reflects Phyno’s fearless attitude.

Behind the production of “Do I” is the talented beatmaker Jaysynths, known for his work on the hit track “Ojapiano” by Kcee. With this collaboration, Jaysynths once again demonstrates his ability to craft beats that resonate with the masses, providing the perfect backdrop for Phyno’s lyrical prowess.

“Do I” is Phyno’s second release of 2023, following his previous track, “Ojemba,” featuring industry heavyweight Olamide. In this latest offering, Phyno continues to explore new sonic territories while staying true to his signature style.

The song’s boldness and assertiveness mirror Phyno’s evolution as an artist. As he enters a new chapter in his personal life with the arrival of his child, “Do I” serves as a declaration of his unwavering determination to leave his mark on the music industry. It’s a track that showcases Phyno’s refusal to compromise and his commitment to pushing boundaries in his craft.

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