Macho unveils his latest musical masterpiece, ‘Kokanmi’

Macho unveils his latest musical masterpiece, ‘Kokanmi’


, a renowned budding Nigerian singer, performer, and skilled songwriter, is back with his newest musical offering, the enchanting ‘.' This single marks a significant addition to his ever-evolving discography and stands out as a vibrant and timeless composition in the world of afro pop music.

‘Kokanmi' is a proof of Macho's musical prowess, as he effortlessly combines his powerful vocals with interesting lyrics, delivering a sensational afro pop jam that's sure to resonate with music lovers far and wide. The track's production, skilfully helmed by , further enhances its appeal with its seamless arrangement and impeccable sound quality.

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This release promises to be a musical journey worth embarking on and adds yet another jewel to the crown of Macho's musical journey. Stay tuned and immerse yourself in the melodious world of ‘Kokanmi.'

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