“I told my mother when I lost my virginity”

“I told my mother when I lost my virginity”
  • Reality star Doyin discussed losing her on the Honest Bunch podcast.
  • Doyin emphasized that her chose a supportive conversation over chastisement.
  • Doyin stressed the need for parents to create an open environment for kids to discuss anything.

In a recent episode of the Honest Bunch podcast co-hosted by Nedu Wazobia, popular reality star Doyin opened up about a significant conversation she had with her mother regarding the loss of her virginity.

The reality star emphasized the importance of creating an open environment where children feel comfortable discussing such personal matters with their parents.

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During the podcast, Doyin revealed that her mother's response to the revelation was far from judgmental.

Reality star Doyin advocates open conversations between parents and kids

Instead of chastising or scolding her, Doyin's mother chose to engage in a daughter-mother conversation about the experience.

This approach, according to Doyin, played a crucial role in shaping her perspective on relationships and personal choices.

Doyin stressed the necessity for parents to establish an atmosphere where their children can freely communicate with them about any topic.

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The reality star believes that fostering open communication channels between parents and kids can contribute to a healthier understanding of relationships, sexuality, and the challenges that young individuals may face.

Netizens Reactions…

@Brodamike07 said: “I don't think it's a bad idea, there should be communication between parents and children regarding s.x. What I won't take is you telling me you don't enjoy s.x.”

@real_ekaf stated: “On behalf of Yoruba's Parent Association

We d¥sown this werey.

We are known to be people of High Value and Good culture”

4thefreeangels remarked: “Doyin you're right on this one.
Parents shushing their growing kids when it comes to sensitive matters like this ønly push them to the wørld to suffèr.”

@lupinikenga wrote: “Not even a g.un to my head will make me say certain things in public, where is shame please?

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